International Foundation for
Internet Development

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We digitise social change
We train and advise NGOs and social entrepreneurs for their development in the digital world

The Institute of Internet Development (ISDI) offers society its extensive digital experience to help promote NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and in general any company that participates in social projects.

That it is the objective of FIDI: to digitally transform those who focus on social progress.

Digital volunteers
They donate their time and experience to digitise or optimise social projects

At FIDI we have a team of volunteers who specialise in different digital disciplines.

We design the digital strategy, the corporate web, crowdfunding systems, social network strategies, and in general any digital aid for non-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs. We share the same objective: to generate a positive change in society. In our case, our most efficient aid is digital.


Commitment to educational change
On tve1: fidi awards the créate foundation expokids 14 prize to the most enterprising school
Boosting social projects
We help NGOs and entrepreneurs to design and establish social projects using digital media.

Our team of digital volunteers sets to work to digitise new social projects or redefine any social project already under way, to multiply its social impact. We are digitising the following projects:

Aid for training
We focus on the agents of social change. We train organisations and entrepreneurs that focus on helping others

In order to expand the digital resources and tools, and even to motivate innovative ideas to apply in social projects, FIDI offers NGOs and social entrepreneurs a series of educational grants. The FIDI grants offer all those agents that play a part in social projects, the possibility to carry out any programme that is taught at ISDI.

Our interest is to provide these agents with the necessary digital knowledge to multiply the social effects of their projects.

  • Jose Luis López Director de gestión - Cáritas española j
  • Luis López Catalán Head of Digital Strategy & Tech. UNICEF España j
  • Patricia moreira Chief Executive at Fundación Ayuda en Acción j
  • Digna Crespo Responsable de Planificación y Relaciones Institucionales j
  • Manuel Guijarro Responsable de Tecnología y Sistemas en UNICEF Comité Español j
We are a UNICEF partner in areas of digital training and we are collaborating in the digital transformation of the NGO. We have already trained the Executive Committee and its Managers, and 16 workers are currently studying Internet Academi courses.
  • Valeria Sánchez Operations Director at ISDI - Managing Director at FIDI j
  • Nacho de Pinedo Co Founder & CEO at ISDI j
  • Javier Rodríguez Digital Optimist - Google & ISDI j
  • Noelia Fernández VP, Media Network, EMEA at Yahoo! j
  • Víctor Molero Director Magister en Neuromarketing j
  • Institute for the Internet Development j